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Are you exhausted with the maintenance that your website demands? Do you find it hard to work out how to manage it easily? We offer piece of mind and quality of service when it comes to maintenance services for all types of businesses.

Argalon India are leaders in dealing with web development and internet marketing. As an added bonus of offering comprehensive web services including maintenance, we also offer testing, SEO services, website development Indore and even covers web design.

Both individuals and business owners who already have websites, still need web developers sometimes to help them maintain their site effectively. We are here to help.

Website Maintenance Services:

When you take the responsibility away from maintaining your website, you have more time and focus for the more important things like your customers. These are just some of the types of things we can do for you:

  • Applying On-page SEO
  • Website analysis
  • Layout modifications or Website redesign as per needs
  • Update in the Content/image/ banner etc.
  • Visitors/traffic analysis

Types of Sites we work on:

  • Open Source CMS’s as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.
  • E-Commerce or Portal solutions
  • HTML,PHP/MySQL based websites
  • PhoneGap based solution

Web Maintenance Services to increase traffic:

The continued maintenance and up-keep of your website will provide surprising results. Updating your website makes it more search-engine friendly as they will preference websites which are regularly updated/have a recent update. Not only that, but regular maintenance will help your customers and visitors to trust that you are there for them and that the content on your site is valid and also trustworthy.

Take to us today to find out how you can better maintain your website.

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